Dear WSRA Members:

The summer is proving busy for the WSRA. We just completed the tours of Strategic Materials and Ardagh Glass. I was not able to attend myself, but I heard great feedback and saw some awesome photos. Both days were sold out, which sends a clear signal that our programming is hitting the mark. It was another great event by the WSRA’s Member and Program Services Committee. And they are working on more for the remainder of the year.

Next up is The Paper Chase, to be held at the Lacey Community Center on September 11. We will be taking a deep dive into paper processing and markets. This will be an all-day forum with an opportunity to learn and explore the challenges and opportunities related to recycling fibers. It continues the China Sword discussion and how we can move forward and bring markets and value back to recycling.

The Member Programs and Services Committee is also working on a textile event for later in the fall. Bottom line is that the WSRA is committed to bringing you valuable programming with opportunities to learn and network.

I invite you to attend the events, and if you are so inclined, join a committee. It’s a great way to shape the future of the WSRA and recycling. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Board and found it a good way to gain a deeper understanding of the recycling industry and system.

I’m going to close out by giving a shout out to the rest of the Board and our Executive Director, Anne Piacentino. Everyone is hard at work to make this organization shine.

I really hope to see you at one of WSRA’s upcoming events this fall!


Ron Jones
WSRA President