A Message from the WSRA President:

I wanted to share with you that we will be undergoing a staff transition at Washington State Recycling Association. Anne Baunach shared with me earlier this month that she will be leaving her position as Executive Director effective January 27. We are grateful for Anne’s leadership and wish her well in her next position.

The board met last week to discuss transition planning. We realized that the next Executive Director of WSRA is someone who is already a part of the team. Today, we offered the position of Executive Director to Anne Piacentino. She has accepted this position and will start in the new role on February 1.

Anne P joined the WSRA staff as Events and Communications Coordinator in December 2014. She did an outstanding job in this role working on the conference, WRED events, communications, and so much more. Late last year, the board voted to promote her to Director of Events and Communications.

Anne B and Anne P have worked very closely together not only on events but on operational issues. Together, they have been cross training and doing continuity planning for this very situation. The board has every confidence in Anne P’s ability to step in to the role of Executive Director and take this organization to the next level.

Please join the board in thanking Anne B for her leadership and congratulating Anne P on her promotion. We are excited to work together.

Warmest wishes –

Dustin Bender