WSRA REUnited: 42nd Annual Conference

May 15th – 18th, 2022








We have been notified that one of our conference attendees has tested positive today via rapid antigen test for COVID-19. As such, any attendees may have been exposed to this virus. According to the CDC, the virus is thought to spread mainly between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets.

The attendee had a negative Covid test yesterday, and a positive test today. They have contacted every person they came in contact with (for ex: sitting at dinner with them, speaking to them at length, or sitting at a table with them at a breakout session) As such, if you have not heard from them or others they became in contact with, you were not within 6 feet of the individual. We will ask all individuals who came in extended contact with this person to also notify any persons necessary. The attendee participated in the following activities:

  • First-Timers Activity indoors – masked
  • Welcome Dinner in outdoor tent pavilion – unmasked
  • Breakfast in ballroom indoors – unmasked
  • Breakout sessions 1C and 2B indoors – masked
  • Lunch – outdoors alone

Currently, we are still planning on doing the following to mitigate the spread:

  • Well ventilate all areas for proper air flow for any indoor activities, including doors to the outside open to vent all breakout rooms
  • Offer all meals with take to-go option and eat somewhere indoors or outdoors (including your own room – note that plates can be taken to rooms or other areas of the resort)
  • The gala is still planned to be outdoors in the tent pavilion
  • All rooms, linens, and touched surfaces have already been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the resort staff. Resort staff will disinfect all breakout rooms between each session.
  • Comfort lanyards with appropriate colors can always be switched out at the registration desk
  • We will continue to strongly encourage masking indoors as mentioned in all our announcements

If you have any questions, please see me, Liz Truong or Brooke Galloway at the registration desk or send an email to

We will continue to update attendees frequently via email, through the conference app, on the announcements section of the website, and at registration.


Click below to download the conference app before the event! We will not be printing hard copy agendas or anything related to the conference. The app will be your one-stop shop for agenda, speakers, auction, scavenger hunt, and all other conference related activities.



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Thank you to all our major sponsors who helped make this conference possible!