WSRA REUnited: 42nd Annual Conference

May 15th – 18th, 2022









To follow up with all attendees post positive Covid exposure, we wanted to inform you of the following recommendations:

  • We reported our event for Positive Covid exposure to the Washington State Department of Health – We had QR codes and signs at registration to activate this on your phone and that means if you have covid exposure notifications on your phone, you should be receiving an alert.
  • We recommend regardless of whom you came in contact with at the conference, to treat post-conference the rest of the week as if you had direct positive covid exposure. We have found with any conference with over 100-150 attendees, this is the safest protocol especially during this high covid exposure wave we are experiencing in our area and several attendees have tested positive for Covid-19.
  • The CDC guidelines for quarantine, social distancing, masking, etc in the event of exposure based on your vaccination and travel status can be found HERE.
  • Typically it takes 3-7 days to test positive for Covid after exposure. If you have no symptoms, it is recommended to test after 7 days to confirm you are in the clear. If you have symptoms, please test at the onset of symptoms.
  • If you have a positive Covid test, please report to the Washington State Department of health through the app or the website. It is recommended for care and consideration to notify anyone you may have come in close contact with, even though we are recommending all to treat this time as being exposed to Covid regardless.

Thank you for your consideration and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time in our community as we continue to grapple with our changing lives with this virus.


You can view the full agenda and download all presentations by clicking on the title of the talk.



Thank you to all our major sponsors who helped make this conference possible!