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About the Committee

WSRAs Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee works in partnership with members, volunteers, and the Board to critically examine all aspects of WSRA’s programs through an equity lens.


The WSRA Equity Journey 

In 2021, WSRA launched the Equity Committee and officially began this DEI journey knowing it will not be easy and it will not be quick, but that it is crucial for the long-term health of our organization and the industries our members represent. Bigger picture – we all must take an active role in helping dismantle the inequitable and oppressive systems that are part of the fabric of our society. 


Recent Highlights 

  • In 2023 the WSRA board adopted the WSRA Equity Statement. This statement was crafted by the Equity Committee in collaboration with WSRA membership.  
  • The WSRA board instituted annual equity training for board members at the annual board retreat. 
  • The Equity Committee partnered with the WRED committee to host equity-focused events for members. Equity in Action – In the Recycling World  
  • The Equity Committee partnered with the Conference committee to create inclusive conference presentation guidelines, advise on accessibility and inclusion at the conference, and invite several equity-focused conference sessions and speakers. 
  • The Tribal Relations Committee was formed with a goal of engaging with and forming meaningful, long-lasting relationships with tribal organizations in Washington. 


Looking forward to the future, we are working on: 

  • Removing financial barriers to attending conference by providing funding support for those who need it. 
  • Creating additional educational materials related to equity in the recycling industry in Washington. 
  • Considering ways to increase accessibility of WSRA board service. 
  • Continuing to improve the WSRA conference experience through partnership with the WSRA Conference committee. 
  • Considering ways to build community through mentorship and/or affinity groups. 



Committee Members

  • Hannah Scholes – Committee Chair
  • Kris Major
  • Joel Kohlsedt
  • Preston Peck
  • Amanda Godwin 
  • Clayton Scott 
  • Lauren Cole 
  • Jake Thoenes 
  • Stevie Knapp 
  • Carolyn Bowie 
  • Nick DiBartolo 
  • Emma Keese

Sponsorships Available – Support Our DEI Work!

We need members’ help to support crucial equity work in the recycling industry in Washington. 

Your support will allow us to: 

  • Lower the cost of attending conference for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. This enriches our conference experience by welcoming people with diverse backgrounds who may face financial challenges due to the inequitable systems of our society. 
  • Engage equity-focus speakers for conference and events to educate our members and industry and share success stories for overcoming inequities in the waste and recycling world.  
  • Work with an equity consultant to advise board members and committees on best practices for a more equitable organization. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Start Consulting is honored to support and work with WSRA’s equity and inclusion work to create an equitable and just future for the industry and membership. Start Consulting has worked with DEI strategies with the City of Portland BPS and the Association of Oregon Recyclers, as well championing this work as AOR members and within the recycling field for decades.

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