WSRA Hall of Fame

The WSRA Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made outstanding long-term contributions to recycling in Washington State. New inductees are selected by a committee of Hall of Fame members and spotlighted at the annual awards banquet each May.

2020-2022 Hall of Fame Inductees


Sharon Conroy, Green Solutions


Betsy Cushman, Methow Recycles


Craig Benton, Retired

Pat Campbell, Kitsap County

Members of the Hall of Fame, 2000-2017

Dan Gee 2017 Retired, Recovered Paper Consulting, LLC
Jim Haynes 2017 Retired
Charlie Maxwell 2017 Retired
Terri Thomas 2016 Thurston County
Terri Washburn 2016 Retired, Kitsap County
Jim Wavada 2016 WA. Dept. of Ecology
Marcia Rutan 2015 Seattle Public Utilities
Dick Lilly 2015 Seattle Public Utilities
Bob O’Neal 2015 Retired, Corporate Recycling
Services (CRS)
Bart Kale 2014 Nucor Steel Seattle Division
Earl Snyder 2014 Kirkland Recycling Center
Jeanne Stewart 2014 Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission & Vancouver City Council
Frances Ambrose 2013 Skagit County
Don Frey 2013 Republic Services
Carl Woestwin 2013 Seattle Public Utilities
Russ Nobbs 2012 Spokane community recycling activist
Dave Peters 2012 Kitsap County
Steve Spence 2012 Rubanco
Ann Murphy 2011 City of Spokane
Bill Reed 2011 King County Solid Waste
Jeff Gage 2011 Olympia Compost
Design Services
Diana Perey Winburn 2010 Seattle – UW
Jay Shepherd 2010 Olympia
Joe Bushnell 2010 Tacoma Recycling
Charlene Gallagher 2009 Tacoma Solid Waste
Scott Beaton 2009 Chelan County
Craig Lorch 2009 Seattle Total Reclaim
Jeff Brown 2008 Bellingham Sound Resource Management
Kim Ducote 2008 Allied Waste; Resource Stewards
Pandora Touart 2008 WSRA; Federal Way; Issaquah
Charlie Scott 2007 Cascadia Consulting Group
Greg Matheson 2007 Fibers Int, Recycling Systems
Lois Young 2007 Skagit Steel
Chris Luboff 2006 Seattle Public Utilities
Rick Hlavka 2006 Green Solutions
Terry Gillis 2006 Recovery 1
David Frutiger 2005 City of Tacoma Solid Waste
Pete Grogan 2005 Weyerhauser Recycling
Sego Jackson 2005 Snohomish County
Suzanne Tarr 2005 Kittitas County
Art Sprenkle 2004 Monroe state representative
Bill Briggs 2004 Pacific NW – Oil Re-Refining Co
Dale Miller 2004 Bellevue
Paul Brewer 2004 Whidbey Naval
Jim Schrock 2003 Earthworks Recycling
Richard Busby 2003 Seadrunar
Rita Smith 2003 Waste Management
Warren Razore 2003 Rabanco
Diana Gale 2002 Seattle Public Utilities
Don Kneass 2002 Seattle Recycling, SPU, Waste Management
Kip Eagles 2002 Richland Dept of Ecology
Lloyd Wibbelman 2002 Snohomish Co
Wayne Gash 2002 Washington State University
Clarissa Szabados-Mish 2001 University of Washington
Dick Bartells 2001 Tacoma
Jack Schultz 2001 Bellingham
Jessie Lang 2001 Spokane Solid Waste
Preston Horne-Brine 2001 Rabanco, etc
Armen Stepanian 2000 Fremont Recycling
Bill Wiginton 2000 Seattle Rainbow Recycling; Nuts ‘n Bolts
Chuck Wick 2000 Spokane Recycling
Gene Tuura 2000 Snohomish County
Greg Wright 2000 Bellingham
Jack Force 2000 Seattle – MRI Metal Recycling
John Kramp 2000 Snohomish County
John Matheson, Sr. 2000 Bellevue – Fibers Int
Jonathan Howe 2000 West Seattle Recycling
King Kelso 2000 Ideal Paper/Rabanco
Marilyn Skerbeck 2000 Rainbow Recycling; Waste Management
Susan Appel 2000 Seattle Nut’s ‘n Bolts

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