Tool Libraries

A tool library allows patrons to check out or borrow tools, equipment, and “how to” instructional materials, functioning either as a rental shop (with a charge for borrowing the tools), or more commonly free of charge as a form of community sharing. A tool library performs three main tasks:

  • Lending: all kinds of tools for use in volunteer projects, facility maintenance and improvement projects, community improvement events, and special events
  • Advocacy: for he complete and timely return of all borrowed tools, to guarantee the long-term sustainability of available inventory
  • Maintenance: performing routine maintenance and repairs on all equipment to ensure good condition and to extend the lifespan of the inventory

You may look for a local tool lending library HERE.

For information on the tool lending library that has been set up as a collaboration between Zero Waste Washington and the City of Federal Way, click HERE.

You may find information on how to start your own tool lending library HERE.

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