WSRA Important Documents

As a nonprofit corporation exempt under the IRS code 501(c)6, our governance and financial documents are a matter of public record. As a public service, we post the last three years’ IRS Form 990 here. We also post our bylaws, annual report, and a few of our policies. Other public documents are available upon request.


WSRA is governed by bylaws that are voted on by the membership of the organization. Our most current bylaws are available HERE.

Annual Report:

WSRA produces a report for our annual membership meeting held as part of our conference each year. View our recent year’s Annual Reports:

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct sets an expectation of behavior for participation in WSRA events and activities. Our most recent Code of Conduct was adopted in 2016 and is available HERE. As our board of directors is closest to our work, they sign a Code of Conduct agreement. A copy of that agreement is available HERE.

Anti-Trust Statement

The mission of the Washington State Recycling Association is “to provide leadership and education to foster the expansion, diversity and economic vitality of recycling as part of sustainable resource management.” To fulfill this mission people come together and work on the issues that affect us all. Therefore, WSRA adopted and strictly adheres to the following anti-trust policy:

The WSRA supports a strong competitive recycling industry and therefore will do its utmost to prevent anti-competitive activity. Violations of antitrust laws can result in very severe penalties and if you are found to have violated these laws at WSRA events the organization and its officers can also be subject to penalty. For these reasons it is critically important that the following guidelines be followed at all WSRA Board of Director’s meetings, associated committee meetings and WSRA events.

In keeping with this policy, WSRA requires the following: Do not, in fact or appearance, discuss or exchange present or future price-related information, including:

  • Individual company prices, price differentials, markups, discounts, credit terms, marketing strategies, etc.;
  • Individual company data on costs, production, capacity inventories, sales, etc.;
  • Transportation rates, particularly contract rates, for individual shipments;
  • Company bids on contracts for particular materials, company procedures for responding to bids, etc.;
  • Matters relating to actual or potential individual suppliers or customers that might have the effect of excluding them from any market or influencing the business conduct of firms toward them.

In the event that any such improper discussion or exchange occurs at a WSRA-sponsored event, an individual shall advise a WSRA officer immediately for further review by the Board.

Anti-Discrimination Policy:

WSRA’s anti-discrimination policy is available HERE.

Conflict of Interest:

WSRA works to ensure that all conflicts of interest with its board of directors are disclosed. Board members are asked to sign a conflict of interest disclosure each year that they serve on the board. A copy of the policy is available HERE.


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