WSRA Important Documents

As a nonprofit corporation exempt under the IRS code 501(c)6, our governance and financial documents are a matter of public record. As a public service, we post the last three years’ IRS Form 990 here. We also post our bylaws, annual report, and a few of our policies. Other public documents are available upon request.

WSRA Membership Directory

WSRA 2019 / 2020 Membership Directory. Please email if your company information needs to be updated.


WSRA is governed by bylaws that are voted on by the membership of the organization. Our most current bylaws are available HERE.

IRS Documents:

As a 501(c)6 organization, the IRS requires that we file a Form 990 within five months of the completion of our fiscal year. WSRA’s fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30. Links to our last four 990 forms are below.

Annual Report:

WSRA produces a report for our annual membership meeting held as part of our conference each year. View our recent year’s Annual Reports:

Strategic Plan:

In 2018, the WSRA Board of Directors and staff developed a 3-year strategic plan for the organization. In this plan, WSRA will stabilize the organization and enhance programming for members. You can view the full 2018-2021 plan HERE.

Past Strategic Plans:

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct sets an expectation of behavior for participation in WSRA events and activities. Our most recent Code of Conduct was adopted in 2016 and is available HERE. As our board of directors is closest to our work, they sign a Code of Conduct agreement. A copy of that agreement is available HERE.

Anti-Trust Statement

Antitrust laws are set forth in the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, the Clayton Act, the Robinson-Patman Act, and California’s Cartwright Act, among other statutes. These laws prohibit combinations of competitors in retrain of trade, attempts to monopolize and other anti-competitive activities. WSRA’s activities, like many trade associations, involve groups of competitors. Therefore, we regularly read our anti-trust statement at WSRA activities to remind participants of our expectation. A copy of our anti-trust statement is available HERE.

Anti-Discrimination Policy:

WSRA’s anti-discrimination policy is available HERE.

Conflict of Interest:

WSRA works to ensure that all conflicts of interest with its board of directors are disclosed. Board members are asked to sign a conflict of interest disclosure each year that they serve on the board. A copy of the policy is available HERE.


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