WSRA Member, Resource Synergy Highlighted by Inlander Article: “Spokane businesses are saving thousands by recycling, thanks to this local company’s help”

Erik Makinson will literally dive through your dumpster to help you find out just how much money you’re wasting.

That’s how he helped Whitworth University’s food service provider, Sodexo, figure out they were throwing out $15,000 a year in soup alone. With data analysis and trash weigh-ins, they also learned things like a single serving of scrambled eggs, while beautiful on the plate, contained five eggs.

“Nobody needs to eat five eggs for breakfast, but you don’t realize until you dive that deep into the data, into the waste stream,” says Makinson, who founded Resource Synergy to help clients like Whitworth become more sustainable while saving money.

With Makinson’s help this year, the university reduced its waste by 70 percent in just months, diverting much of the 1,000 pounds of campus food waste per day to compost, reducing trash pickups from weekly to every other month as needed, saving thousands in trash hauling and billing mistakes, and netting the university the higher education Recycler of the Year award from the Washington State Recycling Association last month. Read the full article HERE(Inlander)